About SPEO Products

SPEO Products is formed with the purpose of developing innovative Electric-Hybrid Control Systems.

Funding & Shareholders

SPEO Products is funded by private shareholders and supported by Innovasjon Norge. We have completed a “Industriell Forsknings og Utvikling” IFU development project with a major Oil&Gas operator and a EPC contractor as pilot customers. Servi AS is our important main vendor and partner in developing hardware components to this exciting technological innovation.

As a part of the IFU funding, SPEO Products have been awarded a study by a second major Oil&Gas operator where new technology is coupled towards Unmanned Wellhead Platform concept.

To secure and fund the project even stronger we are continuously looking for partners that are interested in understanding better what this innovation could do for their project and the  industry. 

Electric-Hybrid Control Systems:

Our concept is to move hydraulic energy from a central source to local electric-hybrid actuators. EHA would draw less power, have less footprint, give high torque output, be more reliable and be more cost effective than all electric and pure hydraulic systems.

An important part of this concept is to introduce smart functionalities throughout the system from HMI to actuators.

Control & Automation:

In addition to develop new technology we may assist potential customers within:

  • Electro
  • HMI
  • Control Systems
  • Wireless Communication
  • Remote I/O (RIO)
  • Technical Safety (Fail/Safe, SIL, Ex)
  • Energy
  • Alarming and monitoring systems
  • Electical design for automated systems

Marine Automation:

SPEO Products AS is the Scandinavian agent for SedniSedni is specialized in design of dedicated marine electronics and software for monitoring and control.

The DIAMAR marine automation system is a distributed integrated monitoring and control system (IAMCS) which is flexible and designed to meet requirements from regulations, shipyards and ship-owners.
For more information, feel free to contact us.

We have through many years built a considerable network with highly skilled resources

Consultancy Services

Automation & Control

We can offer experienced engineers (15years+) with extensive knowledge, several technologies and brands.

Project Management

SPEO offers personnel for management within oil and gas projects, on- and off-shore.

NORSOK Verification

 SPEO Products is qualified to do 3rd party verification of control systems due to our experience & knowledge.

Mudlogging / MWD

Mudlogging / MWD surface equipment Site Survey and installation management.